Saturday, March 29, 2014

Back again!

Okay, this one is a recent card, not like my last post which ended up showing with posts of June last year.... not sure how that happened....

I purchased the very lovely Time for Tea paper by Stampin' Up! a few weeks ago and was inspired to cut into it as I needed to make some cards for work - and this is one of them.  Needless to say as I like it so much it now won't be making its way to the card box at work, I will send it off to a friend instead.

I really like how the polka dot flower turned out, with a wee So Saffron flower for it's centre, almost looks like a spotty daffodil in my opinion.

The leaves are hand cut from scraps, as was the stem, all nicely glued down now.

Thursday, January 9, 2014


No craft related item today - just wanting to share I have a ticket to James Blunt's concert in Auckland in May - nothing like a bit of forward planning - can't wait!

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Back to ATCs

The idea of ATCs has always appealed to me, a little piece of 'art' for no particular reason except for the sake of creating!  I still can't find the first one I made which I put away in a 'safe place' - one day it will turn up no doubt!

Anyway, going through phase 1 of mid-life crisis at the moment judging by the subject of my ATCs this morning LOL - I just love James Blunt's latest CD called Moonlanding and have chosen to depict the Bonfire Heart song in one of the cards.

The other one is pretty self-explanatory, "You're Beautiful" along with it's very own 'angel on a subway' - the birdie is there just because!   (And for some stupid reason the computer has chosen to flip my Beautiful upside down and I can't seem to correct this, grr..)

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Shiny and recycled - just like we like it!

My little boy came home a couple of weeks ago and decided he wanted to make a card for his 'girlfriend' at school - please bear in mind he is only 6!

I had been playing around with some chocolate wrappers thinking they were far to sparkly and pretty to just throw in the rubbish bin and decided to use them in a couple of cards instead.  First I made a birthday card for my daughter with the triple heart punch from SU! (no photo here, will have to go and see where she put the card!) and used the stipey bits from each side of the wrapper and then Leo chose to use those bits for his card.  Of course he had a little help but he chose the flower punch (I had suggested a star....) and then he helped me put the double sided tape on the reverse and we stuck down the shiny papers.  He insisted in gluing on the yellow 'gem' at the bottom and then did some doodling with sparkly glue and called it a day.  Inside the message was very cute "To .... thank you for being my girlfriend, this is just a thankyou card.  From Leo"    The only problem was that when he took it to school to give it to her another couple of girls put in a request too for cards!  So we have made one other one, and are waiting to finish off a second one...  who knows, those little girls might go on to become great cardmakers one day LOL!

And here is one I made for my wee boy, a flyer arrived from the supermarket with the cupcakes on it and once again it seemed a shame to throw it out....  I think they are meant to be red velvet cakes which he loves too.   Nothing out of this world but at least it got me back to the crafting table, which is always good!

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Embellishing my recipe book - again :>

Hi there, it's been a while but I'm back!

I loved the new flower set from SU and when I saw it came with the corresponding punch with a discount I just had to have that one too of course...

I was warned that it was not straight forward to punch the images out as they are not symetrical, but I did discover that once you find which way they go into the punch,there is a reasonably easy way to fix this 'issue'.  What I did was play around with one stamp until I found the side that's meant to go into the punch first, then I stacked all the stamps up (only works for clear block ones)and moved them around will the die cut stamps all matched up and then put a mark all down the side of the stamps to indicate the 'top' of them if I'm intending to stamp and punch.  If you only want to stamp you don't have to bother with this but it is helpful if you have the punch.

So any way, by the time I'd finished stamping and trying out my theory I ended up with quite a few flowers, as you do!

Rather than making a card I decided to embellish my home-made recipe book, so now I have a garden in it, and on Saturday mornings when I make pancakes for Leo I see my lovely wee garden!  (I don't make oaty pancakes that often so I still need to refer to the recipe....)

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Super Sketchy Sunday - Day 153

Don't often play along with sketches but it's a friend's birthday in a couple of weeks and as she spent it in Paris last year I thought I'd remind her of that fact this year!

So here are my two cards for the Super Sketchy Sunday - Day 153 - over at 365 Cards today.

I had a couple of go's at the sketch, the first one in pink and chocolate - tres chic - but was not too happy with the result and then I sort of remade it in green and orange which are a favourite colour combo of hers - hope she likes it!

{and now that I've loaded both photos I'm sort of liking the pink and brown one better now!}

First attempt::

 Second attempt:

Sweet Baby - Day 152

Hi there, have been having a particularly good run in the crafting department, posting quite a lot lately!  Made this card for 365 Cards Challenge Day 152 which asked for baby cards.  I've had this strip of colourful giraffes on my desk for years (yes, I mean years!) and it just happened to be top of the pile when the challenge came through so off the pile and onto a card it went!  (Still have the other half of the strip left LOL!)