Saturday, August 24, 2013

Embellishing my recipe book - again :>

Hi there, it's been a while but I'm back!

I loved the new flower set from SU and when I saw it came with the corresponding punch with a discount I just had to have that one too of course...

I was warned that it was not straight forward to punch the images out as they are not symetrical, but I did discover that once you find which way they go into the punch,there is a reasonably easy way to fix this 'issue'.  What I did was play around with one stamp until I found the side that's meant to go into the punch first, then I stacked all the stamps up (only works for clear block ones)and moved them around will the die cut stamps all matched up and then put a mark all down the side of the stamps to indicate the 'top' of them if I'm intending to stamp and punch.  If you only want to stamp you don't have to bother with this but it is helpful if you have the punch.

So any way, by the time I'd finished stamping and trying out my theory I ended up with quite a few flowers, as you do!

Rather than making a card I decided to embellish my home-made recipe book, so now I have a garden in it, and on Saturday mornings when I make pancakes for Leo I see my lovely wee garden!  (I don't make oaty pancakes that often so I still need to refer to the recipe....)

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Keryn Campbell said...

What a fabulous use for the stamp set and punch Frances. I've done something similar to mark my stamps but I marked the bottom.