Saturday, November 9, 2013

Back to ATCs

The idea of ATCs has always appealed to me, a little piece of 'art' for no particular reason except for the sake of creating!  I still can't find the first one I made which I put away in a 'safe place' - one day it will turn up no doubt!

Anyway, going through phase 1 of mid-life crisis at the moment judging by the subject of my ATCs this morning LOL - I just love James Blunt's latest CD called Moonlanding and have chosen to depict the Bonfire Heart song in one of the cards.

The other one is pretty self-explanatory, "You're Beautiful" along with it's very own 'angel on a subway' - the birdie is there just because!   (And for some stupid reason the computer has chosen to flip my Beautiful upside down and I can't seem to correct this, grr..)