Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Shiny and recycled - just like we like it!

My little boy came home a couple of weeks ago and decided he wanted to make a card for his 'girlfriend' at school - please bear in mind he is only 6!

I had been playing around with some chocolate wrappers thinking they were far to sparkly and pretty to just throw in the rubbish bin and decided to use them in a couple of cards instead.  First I made a birthday card for my daughter with the triple heart punch from SU! (no photo here, will have to go and see where she put the card!) and used the stipey bits from each side of the wrapper and then Leo chose to use those bits for his card.  Of course he had a little help but he chose the flower punch (I had suggested a star....) and then he helped me put the double sided tape on the reverse and we stuck down the shiny papers.  He insisted in gluing on the yellow 'gem' at the bottom and then did some doodling with sparkly glue and called it a day.  Inside the message was very cute "To .... thank you for being my girlfriend, this is just a thankyou card.  From Leo"    The only problem was that when he took it to school to give it to her another couple of girls put in a request too for cards!  So we have made one other one, and are waiting to finish off a second one...  who knows, those little girls might go on to become great cardmakers one day LOL!

And here is one I made for my wee boy, a flyer arrived from the supermarket with the cupcakes on it and once again it seemed a shame to throw it out....  I think they are meant to be red velvet cakes which he loves too.   Nothing out of this world but at least it got me back to the crafting table, which is always good!