Friday, January 21, 2011

Hello there - thanks for popping in!

It's being a busy week on the blog, I started one, then another and now this is the third and FINAL blog, just a bit of everything really!  I'm thinking of making it Spanish and English as well, let's see how that plan goes!

I'm no gardener, but I love flowers and do my best with my pot plants, but I sometimes forget to water them and I definitely forget to feed them so they start off all beautiful but end up rather straggly... but still some blooms fight their way upwards for survival, here are a few photos of my garden at the moment.  As we move through the seasons I will show more pics, not that Wellington is very seasonal, too much evergreen around the place!

 Freesias from earlier in the season, they are dead and gone now, bulbs dormant till next year.  Here they were just starting to flower, this pot ended up a riot of blooms, white, cream., cerise and yellow - really lovely.  There is another photo at the end of this section...
 My little helper loves watering the pots aka playing with water!
 Not my pohutakawa, photo taken just before Christmas at Lyall Bay Warehouse carpark.
 This was a cutting my mum got from her sister Patricia when Leo was born - they sat in pots for 3 years and I finally planted them out this year.  The only thing is we are having problems with the drainage in that area as it becomes a lake in winter with the rain - hydrangeas love water but I think a lake of it is just a tad too much. We may have to lift them and lay some drains, or build up a couple of planters and put them in those.... still a project on the drawing board at the moment.
 More hard work!
 I love a bargain!  And I'm pretty patient too!  When I visit stores I always go to the clearance section for plants as invariably there are sad looking plants heavily reduced and this was one of those.  I got a couple of dahlia bulbs for a song and planted them not really knowing what they'd look like.  The first couple of years our pet rabbit would eat the shoots as soon as they were looking promising so I think I got one flower on it one year.... as I said I'M PATIENT!  Sadly our 10 year old rabbit went to the big burrow in the sky earlier this year and my garden is thriving!!  Now I have 4 gorgeous pink spider pink daisies to reward my patience LOL.  So am thinking I will divide it up come autumn so I get lots more plants, I really like this!!
 Here's a closeup of my beaty.
 And another thing, quite often I let nature do it's thing and this is the result of one of those things.  This pot attracted seeds from a yellow dahlia (in the middle) and blue lobelia all around - nature sure knows it's stuff!
And here's another freesia...


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