Friday, November 11, 2011

Pink + Pet Challenge

We had a pet rabbit called Panda who was white with black ears, a black eye patch and various spots of black all over [which explains why my daughter named her Panda!].  She was a lovely pet, started off in a cage but somewhere along the line she became a 'free' rabbit, wandering around our garden [and the neighbours'] as she wished and she was very happy - she chased away all the cats that dared come into our garden, the birds just loved having her around as she wouldn't bother them when we threw out bread crusts - they happily settled on the lawn to peck away knowing that no cat would come near them!

Anyway, Panda died a couple of years ago, I think she was about 8 years old at the time and I still think of her whenever I'm peeling carrots [she loved the peelings] and cut up broccoli [another favourite of hers, the broccoli stalk...] ,not to mention getting my legs headbutted by a crazy bunny every time I went to hang out the washing hehehe!

On the upside, I have finally been able to put in a veggie garden, something I wouldn't have dreamed of when Panda was wandering around!

ANYWAY - on to today's card:  The challenge was 3 Ps:  Pink, Pet and a P of choice, in this case I have three extra Ps - punched flowers, pearls and paper piercing!  (and I just had to try out a new Spellbinders die I picked up this morning - the lace doily!)

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