Thursday, December 15, 2011

A Christmas Present card

{Woohoo!  I have one follower - how cool is that!}

Still have a few cards to make and enjoying every creative moment of it!

This one here will be going to Dunedin to Sister Mary - hope she enjoys it.  (not a very religious card but I'm banking on her crafty side to enjoy this one hehehe!)

The challenge at 365 Cards was to 'change the base' in other words bypass the usual cardstock.  Now I have to admit there is some cardstock in this card hidden away, otherwise the whole thing would colapse!

But I covered some 'you-know-what' in fabric, added the ribbons and sewed all round the edge to make it nice and secure.  I'm very happy with how it turned out though it took me all morning to make, what with setting up the ironing board, getting the sewing machine set up, etc etc....And I love how the 'tag' turned out all glittery and gold - indulging my taste for glitter once again.

And on the subject of red and shiny, here is a pic of my little boy dressed up for his Christmas party yesterday, I made his kings' cape with shiny red satin and gold ric-rac ribbon - there was some leftover too so no doubt you'll see some gold ric-rac in a card soon.

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Julie said...

Your card Frances looks just like a wonderful dressed up gift. I am sure your recipient will love it. Oh and you young King is pretty cute too!