Sunday, December 4, 2011

Some Christmas Medallion fun..

The other day I found myself down in our local library looking for some "War of Thrones" books and ended up coming out with a couple of Christmas crafts books instead - isn't that always the case hehehe!

The one that really caught my eye was a Vintage Christmas book and I was fascinated by a medallion in it and thought I'd try to recreate it.  I tend to keep the Christmas cards we receive year after year and thought this was the perfect project to use some of them.

These are the two that I made today.

The book that inspired me!
Project in the book

My first attempt - see how uneven the frill is!!??

This is the reverse side with a punched stocking decorating it.

Second attempt, frill much more even this time :>

I used the inside of the card for the backing so I still know who sent it originally.

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